Emerging Techniquesfor Effective MQL Machining of Aluminium Alloys

  • Narinder Singh


Aluminium  Alloys  are very Reliable material which is having  very high Mechanical strength so far as hard machined materials are concerned . Aluminium alloys are having very high strength to weight ratio so they can be a very good alternative to  substitute cast iron and steel  during fabrication of  different  components. In Earlier days the environment was not so much polluted so the pollution created by flood lubrication during machining  was neglected , But In the past few decades  , due to very high increase  in the vehicle and industrial pollution , the focus is diverted towards  Environment friendly and Cost effective machining of  Different Alloys and other materials . In the past few years , many researchers have shown their keen interest towards finding the different ways for example Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) Method to reduce the pollution created during machining.  During MQL Turning of Aluminium alloys , Different types of  coolants used , their flow rates and also turning parameters such as  feed rate, cutting speed  and depth of cut play very significant role . This paper presents a brief study of  MQL Turning of Aluminium alloys and also suggest the different Techniques how to Make the MQL Machining Process more  Effective.

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