A Strategy to Implement Cloud for Enterprise

  • Dr Supreet Kaur Sahi, Jasbir Singh Sahi


Enterprise wide Cloud Adoption is a strategic decision rather than a tactical or an operational decision. Cloud adoption needs to be analyzed from enterprise architecture strategy perspective rather than isolated application architecture specific strategy. The decision has several long and short team impacts and implications on overall strategy beyond application/technology scope. Cloud adoption strategy adds values to the enterprise. A successful implementation of cloud in an organization requires an understanding of diverse dynamics and expertise in different domains. Presently, there are inadequate strategies for implementing cloud computing and building trust. Therefore, this research paper aims at developing a roadmap which provides with a number of steps for adopting cloud computing and Business Process Management and Change Management. This paper focuses on a range of strategic issues to be addressed to ensure a successful enterprise wide cloud adoption and help organization achieve its goals of Operational Efficiency, Digital Transformation and Growth..

Keywords: Cloud Computing, ERP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, Fusion

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