A Design and Development of A Spherical Robot

  • Charanjit Singh Kalra, Parwinder Singh


The spherical robots have come to be popular type of robot due to several benefits when used for industrials and spy operation for military operations. This research works portrays a sort of versatile robot with a round shape intended to go about as a stage to convey detecting gadgets or actuators in an unforgiving situation. A RC interior unit drives the round robot. This research concentrates on the structure and movement control of a robot with a circular shape. The CAD detail drawing and actual prototype robot has been developed and tested. This kind of robot would be used perfectly for country security, country barrier, spying tasks, military, and law implementation applications. With fitting sensors, this sort of robots can also be utilized for weapon discovery, observation, reconnaissance, hazard appraisal, and circumstance mindfulness at safe separations

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