Organization Culture and Job Involvement

  • Aanchal, Dr. Smrita Sinha


It’s a globally accepted fact that the employees are the biggest asset for any organization. But that fact is that it’s not just “employee” rather its “engaged employee” which is the biggest asset of any organization, but the major challenge for any organization is to keep the right employee engaged at the right place within the right work culture. Every organization has its own culture which may have its own impact on the employee’s involvement within the organization. The growth of the organization is dependent on the involvement of its employees towards achieving Organizational “goal” and indirectly contributing to economic growth, as the growth of the organization leads growth of the economy. An interactive workplace makes employees empowered and gives a sense of satisfaction leading to his involvement in Organizations' work. The present study has been undertaken with a view to understand the culture of an organization and how does it impact Job Involvement i.e. Organizational culture role in job involvement and how does it impact the employee’s involvement.

Keywords: Organizational Culture, Job Involvement, Interrelationship, Impact.

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