Sımulatıon of 3D Objects ın Applıed Intellectual Vırtual Realıty Systems

  • Dr. Ibrahim Altarawni


In the process of developing applied intelligent systems (AIs), there is a need to create a knowledge base that can be created directly by developers, without the participation of knowledge experts. Using AutoCAD intelligent applications has already been used to not only compose and sequence of visualizing and modeling, but also suggest an optimal solution of cutting tasks and mapping development of a cabinet furniture model.

This paper discusses how virtual reality (VR) created for the cabinet furniture model using applied intelligent systems allows designers, technologists and customers using the internet to communicate and assess the advantages and disadvantages of the cabinet furniture model using the virtual model as a visual aid. This inevitably lead to a better understanding of the essence of the rapid development of 3D models using applied intelligent systems and their various layout options, as well as the elimination of possible difficulties encountered in the design and manufacture of any object of the cabinet furniture model.

Keywords: AutoCAD, visualization, intelligent systems, cabinet furniture model, virtual reality, 3D models.

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