Fuzzy and PID Controlled Active Suspension System and Passive Suspension System Comparison

  • Ahmad O. Moaaz, Nouby M. Ghazaly


Suspension system mainly is referred to the system of springs, shock absorbers and linkages that connects a car to its wheels Suspension systems perform a dual purpose firstly maintain the vehicle's road holding /handling and braking for good active safety secondly keeping vehicle ride comfort by isolating the passenger from road noise bumps and vibrations etc. This research is aim to design quarter vehicle active suspension control model subjected to vibration excitation from a random road profiles using fuzzy logic control and PID. The vehicle active suspension system in this paper is controlled using fuzzy and PID controls for a quarter vehicle model. The active suspension systems performance is compared with the passive one to show the improvements. The performance of the Fuzzy and PID controlled suspension systems are evaluated mathematically using the MATLAB and SIMULINK toolbox. It is found that fuzzy active suspension system controlled and PID suspension system controlled give improvements in the ride comfort compared with passive suspension. Finally, the results showed in time domain, frequency domain, and power spectral density and root mean squares values also showed.

 Keywords:  Quarter car model, Active suspension System, Fuzzy control, Road profile.

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