A Detailed Evaluation of the Impact of Learning & Development on Employee Performance & Productivity in IT Sector in Pune

  • Dr. Vijay Joshi et al.


Learning and Development is a process which helps the employee to enhance their knowledge and able to perform well as expected by the organization. Perhaps the industry expectations and the innovations in technology call for skill and knowledge of the employee to perform, and its objectives are to reach in a certain goal in a limited period of times. In this case learning and development has the crucial role to perform. This is well revealed and explained through the vision and mission statements. Training is an organizational activity which aims to enhance the employee’s current performance. Performance of employees is a prerequisite for any training programme and output in the form of overall growth for the organization is the aim of the management. It also helps to develop the productivity, revenue and profit of the company. Continuous improvement is highly effective on the performance of the employee. On the job training is the old trusted concept in Indian industry, accordingly majority of the training programs are well structured with the aim to acquire knowledge and enhance skill of an individual. It has been well documented and experienced out of the routine affairs of majority of the leading Indian nationals and multinational’s along with the no of the MNC’S that the learning and development can help enormously to boost and develop employee’s knowledge, skill, attitude and behavior while improving the brand of the organization. This is one of the reason why majority of them are totally committed to learning programs and spends their efforts, precious time and resources on these learning and development programs. Now a day’s learning and development program are becoming an increasingly important functions of HR Department as they help the organization to enhance human capital and compete in a rapidly changing business world. Despite the potential drawbacks, training program provides both the company as a whole and the individual employees with benefits that make the cost and time a worthwhile investment and develop the performance and productivity as well. This research paper is basically focused on evaluation of the impact of learning program which helps to develop the better performance and productivity. It provides about training effectiveness and how it contributes in enhancing the skill sets of an employee. The primary data is used for this study. The data was collected through a structured questionnaire from different IT companies in Pune. The analysis was done by using the “t” Test and Anova through SPSS and some of the analysis was done with the help of Excel.

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