Smart Energy Meter using LoRa

  • Rakhi.S,Rushali Poovamma PJ,Varshitha R,Sahana SB, Swathi P


Electricity is commonly used for domestic, industrial and agricultural purposes as a fundamental necessity. Smart Meter Reading is an important part of the distribution system that can provide data from energy meter to power authority. A complete automated meter reading system based on LoRa technology has been proposed to identify illegal power usage and theft. This paper is useful to obtain meter reading when desired so that authority person doesn’t need to visit each consumer for the consumed energy data collection and to distribute bill slips. Monitoring and computation of consumed power is done by microcontroller. In case of customer’s fault in bill payment, connection can be cutoff and reconnected based on due payment automatically by the utility. Furthermore, the customer can check the status of consumed energy from anywhere through an application. Customer transparency, awareness of their energy consumption, cost saving and comfort is offered by proposed system.

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Rakhi.S,Rushali Poovamma PJ,Varshitha R,Sahana SB, Swathi P. (2020). Smart Energy Meter using LoRa. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(10s), 4233-4242. Retrieved from