Implementation of the E-Health System in the Republic of Armenia

  • Robert H. Shatvoryan


Nowadays, both developed and developing countries prioritize digital health systems. Being not yet largely implemented in the Republic of Armenia, the e-health system still has imperfections and leaves room for improvement. The present study aims to generate qualitative experts’ opinion on the e-health system in Armenia and identify main obstacles in its implementation through qualitative assessments among key stakeholders. The author conducted and analyzed 5 in-depth interviews with experts from MOH, NIH, Scientific center for drugs, pharmaceutical chains and national e-Health operator. The data on factors shaping experts’ opinion about e-health and obstacles to implement it in Armenia was collected, and thematic analysis was performed. The main obstacles mentioned by the experts were law regulations in the sphere of standardization and digitalization, and the low level of computer skills among general practitioners. The integration of the e-health system is vital for a well-functioning, regulated and transparent healthcare system, and legislative framework is to be improved for its functioning. The spreading of consistent and well-structured educational guidelines for healthcare providers, as well as organizing trainings, will substantially facilitate the transition to the e-health system.

Keywords: E-health, Republic of Armenia, Obstacles, Experts, Implementation.

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