Calorie Reduced Mayoneses with Flavor Fillers: Recipe Development

  • Bronnikova V.V., LyubetskayaT.R., ShubinaL.N., KusovaI.U., TokarevaT.Yu


The topicality of the research is stipulated by the need to expand the range of calorie reduced mayonnaise, which is entwined with the state policy to providethe population of the Russian Federation with a healthy diet. The article presents the research on the development and technology of calorie reduced mayonnaise containing pureed rowan berries.

Some control and testsamples of mayonnaise have been studied. The obtained test samples contained mashed rowan berries in the amount of 2-6% of the sauce weight. Additionally, as a viscosifier, modified starch Emflo 991 in the amount of 4% was added. During the experiments, the viscosity, acidity, emulsion stability, organoleptic characteristics were investigated. The experiments used standard research methods in accordance with the regulatory and technical documentation.

The article presents the results of the influence of the mass share of the added rowan puree on the organoleptic and physical and chemical characteristics of the finished product. It has been established that the introduction of 2% berry puree does not affect the quality of mayonnaise. Organoleptic characteristics, viscosity, acidity, stability of the emulsion meet the requirements of the State Standard (GOST).

The optimal share of rowan puree is 2%. In this case the stability of the emulsion is 98%, the acidity of acetic acid 0.45%. The developed recipe of mayonnaise has reduced energy value.

Keywords. Mayonnaise, rowan puree, modified starch, emulsion stability, titrated acidity.

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