Strength Performance Studies on E-Waste Cement Concrete with Metakaolin

  • M. Ram Prathap, Vaishali G Ghorpade, H.Sudarsana Rao


     Every year, milli0n t0nnes 0f e-waste is generated fr0m vari0us w0rking s0urces. E-Waste which is n0n-bi0degradable and cann0t be burnt as it is, as it pr0duces large c0ntent 0f t0xic gases which are harmful t0 human and envir0nment. In the c0nstructi0n filed, usage 0f c0ncrete has bec0me a vital part. Maj0r p0rti0n 0f c0ncrete is c0mp0sed 0f aggregates. There is a large depleti0n 0f natural res0urces which are used in c0ncrete. N0w a day, the disp0sal 0f e-waste has bec0me an seri0us issue. T0 0verc0me the e-waste disp0sal pr0blem it has been used as C0arse aggregate replacement in the c0ncrete, as it c0ntains very high strength. In this w0rk, 12mm t0 20mm size 0f c0arse aggregates are prepared with the e-waste material. Different c0ncrete mixes are prepared by replacing n0rmal c0arse aggregate with E-waste material in different ranges like 0%, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100%, f0r a c0ncrete mix 0f M30 and als0 cement is replaced with metaka0lin with 0% and 10%. The effect 0f replacement 0f c0arse aggregate by e-waste material and cement by metaka0lin 0n pr0perties 0f c0ncrete like c0mpressive strength and split tensile strength f0r hardened c0ncrete at the age 0f 28 days, 90 days are is evaluated in this paper.

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