Android Voice Controlled Spying, Pick and Place Robot

  • Anil Kumar C S, Pooja BM, ManjeshP, Karan Gowda P, Chiranajan N R


Mankind has continuously strived to seek out substitutes to hold out orders and additionally to figure in a very hostile atmosphere. The idea of a golem may be a machine that works sort of a human. This skills is affecting from current state of mechanization to robotization to extend efficiency and to deliver constant product(output).  Also, to scale back the workforce for safety functions chiefly in military purpose, hospitals, industrial areas yet as at offices and residential areas. The system makes use of robotic arm yet as robotic vehicle that helps to select the object. it needs however additionally monitors the entry of human in a very inexplicit space. It additionally includes twilight vision camera which cannot solely enable viewing no matter are recorded in day time however additionally throughout night. the entire system is controlled via humanoid voice-controlled application. it's Associate in Nursing Arduino Uno-based system that works in union with humanoid app. This app accessed by humanoid voice-control that may manages  the movement of system and its arms. Bluetooth device sends commands to the Arduino Uno (Atmega328P) that execute in step with the signals. The golem is provided with gripper that has two arms to man oeuvre in 3600 rotational degree for choose and place operation. These processes are measured by an easy interface gift on user’s transportable. relying up-on the voice commands given through the appliance that's interfaced to microcontroller movements of golem is performed.

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Anil Kumar C S, Pooja BM, ManjeshP, Karan Gowda P, Chiranajan N R. (2020). Android Voice Controlled Spying, Pick and Place Robot. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(10s), 3870-3878. Retrieved from