Design and Analysis of Nano-Band Pass and Stop Filters for High Data Rate Applications

  • K. Muralikrishna et al.


For the processing of data, present day electronic equipmentis rapidly forthcoming their ultimate speed and bandwidth constraints, that is an ever more serious problem that prevents their persisted use in applications. It is believed that a promising solution is to fabricate electronic and photonic elements on the single chip. This mechanism provides a larger bandwidth that is used to construct new hybrid electronic photonic devices. This paper reports the Basic design of band-pass and band-stop filter using an even mode resonance step impedance resonator (EMRSIR) and discussed basic transmission line characteristics of metal-insulator-metal(MIM) wave guide structure. The basic transmission line characteristics propagation length,effective refractive index, and characteristic impedance of the MIM wave guiding structure are obtained through full wave simulation. Here in the proposed design of dual band band-stop and band-pass filters operates simultaneously at optical frequency bands at230.02 THz and185.72THz with low losses (approximately -35 dB return loss). Filters are designed in new way of integrated photonic devices based on surface plasmons.

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