Conceptualization of Green Technology: “An approach to Enrichment of Environment & Industrialization”

  • Manoj Kumar Agrawal


The betterment of the environment and industrialization should go side by side; the environment should come first then be followed by the industrialization. The enrichment of the environment along with industrialization is a way to reduce the problem of the society. To ensure this the manufacturers must introduce an all together new concept of green Technology in their planning and working. The new green technology means industrial production while including the improvement of environment along with the production economically and with strategic advantage to the manufacturers as well as to the society. The industrialization should have a contributory share in the improvement of environmental enrichment along with economic and social growth. The industrialists who can integrate this aspect (enrichment of the environment) in their technical and financial decisions will hold an important role in winning the everlasting future race. This green technology is a must adaptation for the industry and of course a most desired step otherwise a forced step in the form of legislation. This paper elaborates the concept of implementation of green technology to enable manufacture as well as academician in a greater interest.

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