Design And Simulation Of Rect Antenna For Rf Energy Harvesting Using Feko Software

  • Deepak Chowdary K, Dr M Reji


RF power is presently broadcasted from billions of radio transmitters round the sector, inclusive of cell phones, hand held radios, cellular base stations, and tv/ radio broadcast stations. The potential to harvest RF strength, from ambient or dedicated sources, permits wireless charging of low-power devices and has ensuing blessings to product layout, usability, and reliability. Wireless power transmission turned into conceptualized nearly a century in the past. Certain achievements made to this point have made power harvesting a reality, able to providing alternative assets of energy. This overview gives a precis of radio frequency (RF) energy harvesting technology on the way to serve as a manual for the layout of RF electricity harvesting devices. Since energy harvesting circuits are designed to operate with particularly small voltages and currents, they rely upon modern day electrical generation for obtaining excessive performance. Thus, comprehensive analysis and discussions of various designs and their alternate-offs are covered. Finally, current programs of RF energy harvesting are outlined.

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