Security system using Biometric Recognition for Banks and ATMs

  • Kayam Eekshitha, Bhuvaneswari Balachander


In today’s life theft is increasing everywhere. Even though technologies are advanced and new technologies come into form security is a major concern. With the advanced technologies people are getting advanced and finding new ways to theft. So people are concerned about security. When it comes to security we have many choices such as passwords, signature, PIN (Personal Identification number), voice etc. But due to development in technology these can be easily forged or manipulated. In such cases biometrics plays a vital role. Biometrics offers many opportunities and they are progressing rapidly day by day. When it comes to biometrics an individual behavioural or physiological characteristics are considered. This biometric technology can be implemented anywhere such as banks, ATMs (Automated Teller Machine) etc. where the chances of theft are very high. This paper focuses on providing security to these places by implementing an security system that provide access to the user by verifying the details provided with the database. Since biometrics provides high security ensuring the identity of an individual theft can be decreased to the minimum rate. 

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