Design And Simulation Of Microstrip Patch Anteena For Dual Band Applications

  • Sireesha Thumati, Dr. Reji


The antenna is extremely fundamental component of correspondence as it is utilized for a transmitting and getting electromagnetic waves. Today Communication gadgets, for example, cell phones become extremely slight and more brilliant, bolster a few applications and higher data transfer capacity where the microstrip antennas apparatuses are the better decision contrast with customary radio wires. Remote innovation is one of the fundamental zone of research in the realm of correspondence framework today and an investigation of correspondence framework is fragmented without a comprehension of the activity and creation of recieving wires. This was the primary explanation behind our choosing a task concentrating on this field. The field of radio wire study is an amazingly huge one. In this way, to get a handle on the essentials we used to structure a microstrip fix reception apparatus for double band applications, for example, Global positioning system (GPS) and Bluetooth applications, which can be utilized for wearable reason. The reception apparatus is planned and mimicked in CADFEKO3 programming and results like addition, radiation design, return misfortune were talked about toward the end. The planned reception apparatus must perform double recurrence activity for example 1.57 GHz and 2.45 GHz. So radio wire reverberates at recurrence 1.57 GHz for GPS and 2.45 GHz for Bluetooth applications.

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