Smart History Change Operation on Wikipedia

  • Ashutosh Shankhdhar, Avani Singh, Tanuj Johal, Shilpy Raghav


Wikipedia is an online platform that has indispensable information related to various disciplines and domains. We all know that Wikipedia requires hand-operated edits and its information need to be updated regularly in given time frame. Manual edits of the information lead to the fact that the information is not updated regularly which leads to another problem that is the inconsistency of data. The main objective of this paper is to deal with such predicaments. In this paper we present a system which alerts the editors to edit the page based on its prior edits. The user will enter the name of the page and based on its preceding edits the system tells the user whether the article needs to be renewed or not. We provide an additional amenity that is Sentimental analysis. The editor can check whether the data inscribed is positive or negative. So that the editor can progress with that data on the Wikipedia page.

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Ashutosh Shankhdhar, Avani Singh, Tanuj Johal, Shilpy Raghav. (2020). Smart History Change Operation on Wikipedia. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(9s), 6855 - 6859. Retrieved from