Analysis Of Ph Neutralization Using Various Controllers

  • Mr.Y.Dharshan., Dr.K.Srinivasan, Dr.B.Sharmila., R.Shanmugapriya


The  pH control is one of the important measurable parameters in petrochemical industry, waste water treatment plant and process industries.  This project deals with various type of controllers which is used to equalize the pH value to reach the satisfactory response in the nonlinear system. The objective of this project is to implement an intelligent controller for pH neutralization process. The P, PI, PID controllers are designed for corresponding transfer function of the process. The conventional PID controllers are used in such a way that it will not provide a satisfactory control for various operating controls. MATLAB Simulink is designed with Model Predictive controller and results are obtained for control of pH level. As a result, model predictive controller enhances the performance in terms of settling, rise and over shoot.

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Mr.Y.Dharshan., Dr.K.Srinivasan, Dr.B.Sharmila., R.Shanmugapriya. (2020). Analysis Of Ph Neutralization Using Various Controllers. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(9s), 6709 - 6720. Retrieved from