Determinants of Consumer's Preference for Eco-Friendly Food Products: A Study of Selected Cities of India

  • Deepika Jindoliya, Dr. Gagandeep Nagra


Sustainability has been the focal point of numerous discussions in recent few years. The innovation of new techniques to develop products with sustainability perspective is not a choice but the need of the hour. As the world is facing the consequences of global warming and short-sighted development, people recognize the importance of adaptation of the eco-friendly lifestyle. As food is essential for survival, it causes an immediate effect on human life. The preference and demand for green food products have increased in the recent past. This demand has led to a thriving green processed food industry. So it is of vital importance to find out the determining factors of consumer’s preference for the green food industry in order to grow. It is essential to focus not only on environment-friendly constituents but also on eco-friendly packaging. It is of great importance to inculcate an inclusive outlook in consumers towards eco-friendly products. This research paper studies and analyses the impact of selected factors on Consumer's preference for green food products. This study was conducted to determine whether Consumer's Preference for Green Food Products (CPGFP) differ according to marital status,  presence of kids in the family and city of residence.

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Deepika Jindoliya, Dr. Gagandeep Nagra. (2020). Determinants of Consumer’s Preference for Eco-Friendly Food Products: A Study of Selected Cities of India. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(9s), 6701 - 6708. Retrieved from