Fail-Safe Protection for Single Phase Motor

  • S. Anitha, G.M. Rajathi,


The Fail-safe single phase motor safety system is used to safeguard the single phase AC motors from different dreadful parameters like Dry run prevention, Overload prevention, High voltage, Low voltage including cutoff the motor in a predefined period of time. The system operates by comparing the reading obtained from the current and voltage sensors of the AC motor with the user defined values. Once the values obtained from the sensors breaches the threshold values defined by the user, it automatically switches off the motor in order to safeguard it. When a bore motor got stuck into the soil, the motor will take high ampere rating while starting up and hence the coil of motor will gets damaged when trying to start, also if the motor is running without water inside the bore well, the condition is called dry run and the ampere rating of the motor will be lesser than that of healthy operation which leads to power waste since motor is operating without pumping out the water. And hence the system will prevents the motor from running for the above mentioned parameters and also cut off the motor when the timer exceeds the predefined time.

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