Buying Behaviour of Rural Consumers on Consumer Durable Goods

  • SC Vetrivel , V. Krishnamoorthy


The study on rural consumer behavior on consumer durable goods since Consumer behavior is centre of the modern marketing, understanding his behavior is quite essential for efficient and effective marketing management. The use of durable goods is becoming increasingly popular in recent years in India. India’s consumer market is riding the crest of the country’s economic boom. This paper analysis the influence of various demographic factors, buying behavior, durables brand awareness and choice among the rural consumers. In recent days, consumer India is at the point where there is a multiplicative effect of income growth, aspiration to consume and a changed consumption friendly ideology/social discourse across the income board, especially in rural India. Hence, the buying behavior of rural consumers has become a hot-topic for discussion because rural India, in recent days, is enthusiastically consuming everything from shampoo to motor cycles and this "rural predilection" is being considered as one of the significant topics of market analysis. Besides, we know well that purchase decisions in Indian homes have become a collective process, with women and teenage children playing a major role on product and 'brand choices'. Decision-making has become a joint process in the family.

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