Smart City Traffic Management Using Division Evolution Time Propagation Approach

  • Mary N Peter, Dr.M.Pushpa Rani


Recently fame of private vehicles is getting expanded and it give increasingly more traffic in smart cities. Traffic congestion cause an important issue like lack of time and atmospheric pollution. This kind of congestion on roads provide more financial losses to the users. In this regard, there is a need to improve traffic management scheme in roads. The presence of the Internet of Things (IoT) gives another pattern to intelligent traffic development. This paper proposes the Division Evolution Time Propagation (DETP) method to solve the congestion problem in road side traffic. Our methodology depends on division on road level traffic and distinguish the time for vehicle to move from traffic signals and it calculating the beginning stage of traffic which is determined by first vehicle  landed close to the signal and it determined the division based component by utilizing Knn approach to deal with analyzing closest vehicle for providing traffic waiting time. Our methodology gives better traffic management results. Here IOT was utilized to accumulate information from road side sensor.

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