Congestion Management in Deregulated Environment Aided by Demand Side Response

  • N. Srilatha, G. Yesuratnam


The present industry of electric power is developing into a distributed market, where production and distribution of electric power is carried over through competitive entities. One of the most important tasks of Independent System Operator (ISO) of competitive environment is to control and clear the congestion. ISO has to alleviate congestion with minimum cost. Out of variety of available methods to relieve congestion, the re-dispatch of active power capacity of participating GENCOs along with Demand Side Responsive Program (DRP) is adapted in this work. The case of congestion is simulated by the way of overloading and line outages using power world simulator. The participating generators and the loads agreeing for reduction during critical time are selected based on the Generator Sensitivity. The Adaptive Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm has been utilized to achieve the objective of optimizing the re-dispatch of generators and DRP. For validating the performance of the proposed algorithm, IEEE 30 bus system is considered using different case

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