Industrial Control System Cyber Security Using Blockchain Technology

  • Samvad Gour, Dr. Revathi Venkatraman


The use of Industrial control system isalmost in every industry to monitor and control the wide range of industrial processes. Industrial control systems (ICS) are of various types, such as SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems), PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), etc. All of these are used to monitor and control processes used in different kind of industries. These networks are same as other networks, if the right security measures are not taken then the cyber-attacks can bring them done. The existing methods are mainly centralized and hence they are disastrous due to there single point authentication system. Blockchain technology is also used to provide security to node to node in a network. In this paper a new secure architecture for ICS network using Ethereum Blockchain maintaining most of its security methods. The proposed system maintains all the data flowing in the network by keeping a transaction by transaction record in an encrypted manner.

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