Blockchain-Based Identity Management System

  • Oneza Tehreem Khan, Dr. Annapurani. K


Blockchain is a distributed and de- centralized record-keeping network that stores immutable record. Although blockchain technology is most common in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology is also being used in data storage, real estate, financial transaction, asset management, and many other fields. The technique is for digital documents to be timestamped so that they cannot be  backdated or  tampered. Much work  has been done to enhance these systems’ performance and security. In any case, there remains absence of an instrument of personality restricting when an individual is associated with comparing physical world. That is, on the off chance that one is engaged with an action, the blockchain   system   should   properly   reflect   one's identity in the real world. This structure is proposed to minimize this void. Identity management is basically a process of identifying, authenticating and authorizing an individual or groups of people. It is a schema of policies and technologies to manage real world identities. The proposed system provides a blockchain- based identity management. It uses smart contracts, RSA algorithm to add new blocks in the blockchain.

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