SAHARIM-Smart Ambitent Human Activity Recognition for Inobtrusive Monitoring

  • Dr R Jebbakumar, M Vinay, M Ashok


Health tracking structures have advanced in recent times, and clever systems had been proposed to display screen affected character contemporary health situations, in our proposed and implemented tool, we attention on monitoring the patient’s blood strain and his frame temperature. based totally on last decade information of medical information, lack of existence fees due to hypertensive coronary heart disease, suggests that the blood strain is a crucial risk issue for atherosclerosis and ischemic coronary heart sicknesses; for that reason, preventive measures must be taken toward excessive blood stress which provide the capability to music, trace and save affected person’s existence at appropriate time is an critical want for mankind. SAHARIM proposes a shape for clever healthcare monitoring with the support of GSM and GPS Technology. The goal of SAHARIM is providing powerful software for real Time health monitoring and tracking. SAHARIM trace, display patients and facilitate taking care of their health; so inexperienced medical services may be supplied at appropriate time. through the use of specific sensors, the records can be captured and in assessment with a configurable threshold through microcontroller that is defined through a specialized doctor who follows the patient; in any case of emergency a brief message issuer might be dispatched to the health practitioner’s mobile variety together with the measured values thru GSM module .furthermore, the GPS affords the place records of the monitored character who is under surveillance all the time.

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