Detailed Study of Cellular Automata in Data Mining

  • Roushan Kumar, Anant Tiwari, Bhawna Arora, Shantnu Kumar


Automatons are abstract computer types, utilizing a set of states or settings for computation on data. A transformation method decides the next configuration at increasing computation state based on a minimal portion of the present configuration. Therefore, it accepts that input when it reaches an acceptable configuration. These automata update the probabilities for action according to the environmental inputs they receive and can improve their operational performance. A discrete concept, now commonly used in experimental study and models, the principle of cellular automation. This paper gives a comprehensive survey of cellular automata theory modeling & applications which focuses on programming of cellular automation theory or cellular automata usages in each area, such as road traffic, land use, and cutting machines. There is a further explanation for each application and a brief introduction of several related main models. In this we describe Automata and its types, CA, CAin Data mining, CATransition process. modeling of Cellular Automata Theory.

 Keywords: Data Mining, Automata, Cellular Automata. Deterministic Finite Automata, Transition Process.

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Roushan Kumar, Anant Tiwari, Bhawna Arora, Shantnu Kumar. (2020). Detailed Study of Cellular Automata in Data Mining. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(4s), 2390 - 2399. Retrieved from