The Strength and Weaknesses of Government in Tackling Internal Security Challenges in Nigeria

  • Umar Farouk Mohammed, P. Durga Rao


In order to actualize policies designed for national development, issues must be addressed fundamentally. It has been observes that Nigerian government put efforts by recruiting, deploying and supporting security agencies in order to salvage the country from criminal activities. However, the effort remains unsuccessful, having not addressed motivational factors for youth’s involvements into such activities. The present study is qualitative that source data from interview schedule and focus group discussion. Cluster sampling has been employed to peak each state from the Zones. A sample of 384 has been spread all over Yobe State (North-East) and Zamfara State (North-West)of Nigeria using simple random sampling. The study has been developed to determine effort of Nigeria’s government in tackling insecurity and to know the short comings of government while managing the social problem. It has been found that the government has not been addressing fundamental problems like issues of unemployment among youths and poverty ridden among general populace which were considered to be the pushing factors for youth participation in criminal activities. The study therefore, recommends recruitments and diversification of avenues to absorb jobless youths in order to minimize the level of poverty and controlYou ths participation into criminal activities.

 Keyword: criminal, poverty, redeploying, recruiting, unemployment.

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