Confrontation between Two Isms in the Novel Apne-Apne Ajanabee

  • Dr. Beauti Das


Without any doubt the novel “Apne-Apne Ajanabee” authored by one of the prolific author Sachchidanand Hiranand Vatsyayan Ajneya can be considered as one of the elegant piece of creation in Hindi literature among all under his canvas of creations. In this novel the spite intention as well the single agenda of the author is to evaluate the result of the confrontation between Theism and Atheism by means of followers of both of the isms. Here the author allows the readers to carry-out the pains taking role of the evaluator in the confrontation between the isms in question. Of course the author has shown his big heart as because at the end of the plotline he left us under a thin ray of beckoning so that during the period of caring out such a difficult task keeping aside our emotion we can justify our own discretion logically and we can provide proper justice to both the isms. In this piece of work we have tried our level best to carry-out the job of the evaluator of the confrontation between the two isms in question without having any inclination to any one of them.

Keywords: Neutral environment, Apparent culmination, Darkness of the night, Followers of Theism, Followers of Atheism.

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