Assessment of Physico-Chemical Parameters of Soil and Water of borali Beel, Nalbari District, Assam

  • Mitali Haloy, Rima Devi


Soil and water are the most important part and ecological features for all living organisms. The productivity of water body depends largely on the equality of bottom soil conditions, that is ‘store house of nutrients’ while the quality of water determines the nature of ecosystem sustained on it. The capacity of wetland systems to perform their functions has a direct linked with the quality of water and soil around it. Wetlands have several major functions like biologic diversity/integrity, water storage, water exchange between surface water and groundwater, surface water filtration, plant growth, habitat regulation etc. But the function ability of it is gradually affected as the surroundings of the wetlands come into contact with various natural as well as anthropogenic disturbances. The Barali beel of Borbhag block sets same picture in this regard. There remain poses a serious threat as the contamination of water and soil quality are becoming poor due to various purposes of inhabitants in and around the beel. This study is an attempt to analysis the changing scenario of potentialities of both water and soil particularly in the field of physico-chemical parameters that helps to provide some useful and eco-friendly measures for the sustainable management of the environment as a whole. The study focuses on the upcoming challenges faced by the beel environment into a larger extent. For this, the necessary data has been collected from both primary and secondary sources.

Keywords: Borali beel, Physico-chemical parameters, anthropogenic disturbances.

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