Concept, Study, and Model of “Ngopi Silih Simbeuh” as a Form of Bureaucrats’ Communications in Digital Era

  • Mulyaningsih


In this digital era, most of the communication tools used relied on technology. This trend also happened to government official. In responding to this, every bureaucrat must master effective communication in order to inform, control, and transform working programs using digital platforms. The employment of digital devices for a bureaucrat must be directed to a model that can reach all parties, ethnics, races, religions, and cultures in Indonesia. Taking this into account, bureaucrat communication handling management, particularly using social media, seen based on strategic perspectives is how a bureaucrat administers, anticipates, and evaluates challenges in working programs. Furthering this, the present study aims to analyze principles and theoretical conceptualizations as well as practical approaches of the bureaucrats’ behaviors while implementing their communication in society. In its quest, it applied descriptive qualitative method. Accordingly, types of data collected were secondary data. These were obtained through a synthesis of previous related literature review. Data analysis technique employed was parsed into phases starting from collecting the data from various sources, condensing and assorting them, and finally analyzing and interpreting them. The results indicated that Community of Inquiry (henceforth CoI) can be adopted as one of the means realizing the bureaucrats’ communication. CoI is a community based approach enabling to discover various information using collaboration with local indigenous existing in digital era. Moreover, the direct results from cultural collaborations and local indigenous collocating with bureaucrats’ behaviors when doing jobs are promising. This is wrapped into a model called 'NGOPI SILIH SIMBEUH.CoI' or ‘sharing while drinking coffee’. It is a communication model used to search, receive, understand, and control working programs of the government officials in order to make them spread more effectively and efficiently for the public.

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