Marketing Strategies for Promoting Medical Tourism in Andhra Pradesh

  • Shaik.Abdhulla, Dr.M.Thyagaraju


It is evident that, the medical treatment cost in developing countries is lower from 30% to 70%. That could be the one of the main reason why people are going for health tourism. The second cause could be the non-availability of medical treatment and surgeries in the home country. Medical tourism can be defined as the cost effective, private medical care in the host country. As per the WHO (World health organization), tourism associated with travellers physical well-being through travelling from one country to another country in the process physical exercise therapy, diet control, medical treatment, site seeing and health maintenance. In the globalization process, people can move from one national to another for better medical and surgery at a reasonable price. In the developing world India plays a significant role in the context of medical tourism where high cost surgery and non-surgery treatment will be available at low cost. Every year in India, the medical tourism is increasing at 30% and contributing significant portion to GDP. It is happening, because of low cost treatment at major health issues. The virtue of Indian medical tourism is, In India the US, JAPAN, FRANCE and CANADA based staff available as efficiency can be expected in major health issues of foreign tourists in India. The present study is all about, the reasons for choosing India for medical tourism/health tourism. Results:- The outcome of the research shows that, the cost of major surgery and non-surgery cost is low in India followed by combining relaxing holiday spots, low waiting time and well treatment.

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