Design and Development of Reliable High Speed Cost-Effective IoT Based Vehicle Pollution Administration System

  • Geetha V, Anbumani V, Parameshwaran R


In this century, the drastic growth of industries, automobiles, agricultural activities and home appliances leads to dangerous complications with the environment. The severe environmental pollution due to worsening of atmosphere, changing of climatic conditions, weakening of ozone layer, pollution of water resources, degradation of soil quantity, etc. finally ends up with global warming. Transportation is liable for more than 50 percent of carbon monoxide in the air. In present the vehicle pollution is inspected with the help of pollution checking stations installed in some places of cities only when getting Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate during the process of getting the Fitness Certificate (FC) from RTO Office. In case of Private (own) vehicles the FC is valid for 15 years and there after renewed at every 5 years. In case of Transport Vehicles the FC is issued for a new vehicle for 2 years and subsequently renewed every year. In this method we cannot identify pollution caused if the vehicle has been repaired before getting FC. The vehicle may produce more pollution in the between years. The real-time pollution emission cannot be monitored. To manage the air pollution, the quantity of air contamination needs to be observed and vehicles which are the source for the pollution should be identified.

This project gives solution for this problem, by automatic monitoring of gas emission from the vehicle frequently (once in a minute). The detected emission level is uploaded to the cloud once the emission level exceeds the threshold level, then the warning/alert message is sent to the vehicle owner. If she/he ignores the warning/alert message and also the emission level maintains the same dangerous level, then the message is sent to the respective authority. This project is the speed and cost effective collection of data, analysis of the collected data and the information transmission to the respective authority as well as the individual for the real-time environmental pollution monitoring purpose. Hence the reliable high speed cost-effective IoT based vehicle pollution administration system will greatly help the government to control the emission level as well protect the environment from pollution.

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