Performance Improvement in PDP & PEP Based Ad-Hoc Routing Protocol

  • Viswanadapalli Anusha, Bandlamudi Naga Sudheer, Praveen kumar Nelapati


In this paper introduce a design of PDP & PEP based AD-HOC network. This system is mainly used in the potential applications, military applications and rescue applications. Basically, the collection of number of stationary nodes is nothing but an AD-HOC network. The proposed system is work based on the energy metric which will minimize the energy consumption. In the same way it will maximize the operational time. Here low energy nodes are obtained by avoiding the paths based on the AODV protocol. From the results it can be observe the comparison graph of throughput, delay of a PDR.

 Keywords: Policy Enforcement Point (PEP), The Policy Decision Point (PDP), Ad-Hoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing (AODV) protocol, Destination Sequenced Distance Vector Routing (DSDV), Quality Of Services (QOS).

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