Multi-Level Authentication (MLA) For Wireless Sensor Networks Using Artificial Intelligence

  • Dr. B. Raja Rao, Dr. B. B. M. Krishna Kanth


Wireless sensor applications deployed in different types of domains due to its vast applications such as the medical field, metering system, research and development area, industrial machinery monitoring, etc. One of the big problem and challenge with this network is intrusion detection .whenever sensor nodes are communicating with each other they don’t know either its conjugative node is authorized node or not if node authorized node there is no problem in the exchange of sensitive data if it is not then the problem will arise. In this case, it is essential to find out the type of intruder; in this Manuscript, the proposed algorithm can quickly solve this problem by using the multilevel authentication using Artificial Intelligence. If any sensor node wants to join in the network, it must authenticate itself with the nearest server with the multilevel authentication mechanism; once the authentication is successful, then only it can get the permissions to exchange the sensitive data with its conjugative node.

Keywords: Artificial intelligence, wireless sensor network, sensor nodes,authentication, unauthorized node, encryption, decryption, sensitive data.

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