Iot Based Forest Fire System

  • Hrithwik Dhanapal


This paper presents a forest fire detection and alerting system based on Internet Of Things. Here a specific fire prone environment is monitored continuously and in case of detection of fire, the user is alerted remotely. This is implemented using a node Micro Controller Unit and a number of sensors for detecting different physical parameters involved in a fire related incident and a camera with image processing capabilities for the image and the geographical location of the device that detected the fire. The project focuses on the continuous real time monitoring of the environment remotely by making use of cloud servers to attain a continuous flow of values and information regarding the environment remotely to a device such as a Smart Phone with access to the internet from anywhere around the world. The project aims at implementing and creating a low cost device with greater detection capabilities to reduce false alarms and pinpoint fires to a greater degree of accuracy and help with the prevention of large scale forest fires that cause unmitigated destruction to precious environments.

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