Application of Business Intelligence for Project Cost Analysis - Case Study of XYZ Company

  • Lufty Abdillah, Emil R. Kaburuan


PT XYZ is a company engaged in infrastructure development, where PT XYZ carries out project management work with the scope of monitoring the implementation of project construction, technical supervision assistance, assistance and preparation of project-related studies as well as managing licensing and coordination with stakeholders. To support the company's business processes, PT XYZ uses several applications, including HR applications to manage employee salaries, Finance applications to record company costs and revenues, and Project applications to record project activities and budgets. To produce an income statement per project, PT XYZ still processes and visualizes it manually using Microsoft Excel applications with data sources from the three applications that have been mentioned previously. There are problems related to the process, where the processing time to process data into information is quite long. So that reporting to management cannot be done in real time. Amid the rapidly growing business competition, the management of PT XYZ must be able to make decisions quickly and accurately, so the company needs tools that can help the management to analyze and manage data into information in real time. The Business Intelligence (BI) method is one of the solutions to the company's needs, especially in analyzing and providing access to data to help make better decisions. This study discusses the design and implementation of business intelligence solutions ranging from architecture, data warehouse, ETL processes and visualization in the form of a dashboard in accordance with the needs of PT XYZ. The method used in developing the business intelligence dashboard refers to the executive information system lifecycle method which consists of justification, planning, business analysis, design, construction and deployment. The results of this study are dashboard visualization using PowerBI tools that display information and knowledge needed in the monitoring process and become material to produce management decisions related to profit and loss per project.

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