Design and Implementation of Micro strip Patch Antenna for Wireless Applications

  • Dr.M.Reji, Dr.P.Muthukannan, Dr.Swaminathan ,Dr .Sivaram


These days for remote correspondence, the radio wires ought to fulfil different qualities to be a remote part. The usage of wearable material materials as a receiving wire substrate has been expedient due to the ongoing scaling down of remote gadgets. A wearable radio wire is to be a district of the piece of clothing utilized for remote correspondence capacities. the standard reception apparatuses don't appear to be adaptable and intense for the client to developments. there's a necessity of reception apparatuses produced using adaptable material materials that might be a piece of client pieces of clothing sketched out as wearable radio wires. in particular, the little strip fix reception apparatuses zone unit reasonable possibility for body-worn applications Microstrip fix radio wire was picked as a piece of remote correspondence as a result of its position of safety, low volume, less weight, smaller size, basic and economical, adaptable and simple to manufacture. The microstrip fix radio wire is utilized in different applications like versatile correspondence, military, microwave application, route, wearable correspondence. This venture assists with understanding the working of a microstrip fix radio wire for a given recurrence of 2.45 GHz. Reception apparatus substrate is made my pants which has a dielectric consistent of 1.6. This structure is finished by utilizing CADFEKO re-enactment programming. Receiving wire results like increase, return misfortune, radiation design is introduced toward the end.

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Dr.M.Reji, Dr.P.Muthukannan, Dr.Swaminathan ,Dr .Sivaram. (2020). Design and Implementation of Micro strip Patch Antenna for Wireless Applications . International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(06), 5645 - 5655. Retrieved from