A Study of Factors Affecting Career Choice

  • Pratibha Garg, Prof. (Dr.) Ranjana Bhatia


The study sought to carry out research of the factors that influence the career choice of students with reference to Defence services as a career. The investigation sets up the means to identify the factors that would assist the policy makers that endeavor to provide guidance to students about career choices. A descriptive survey method was used in this study. A self-developed questionnaire was used to collect the data from the students. Eight hundred and ninety-nine senior secondary students participated in the study. The study revealed that parental career, peers, and some more factors influence on students’ choice of Defence services as career. The parental career and parental choice were found to have a positive impact on students’ choice of Defence as a career. The study mainly recommended training of students’ parents as well as their teachers for enhancement of students’ choice of career. The study also recommended a guidance workshop for career choice to assist in helping students choose Defence as a career.

 Keywords: Career choice, Defence services, factors, parental career, parental choice.

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