Promote Liability Empathy Bayesian Erudition Mock-Up for Inter Link Vehicle Networks

  • Dr. S. Pradeep, K. Vishal Raj, G. Akhilesh


In the Present scenario of the worldwide environment, Internet of Things (IoT) is become wide reaching network in vehicular self regulating organizational establish needed parts. Combination of different intelligent vehicles authorize spectrum based promising applications and also it is still difficult to realize because of their characteristics relates to inborn and define unexpected challenges in different communication systems like privacy and security. So that it is necessary to develop an efficient approach/method to provide solution from integrated intelligent vehicle systems because of increasing wireless medium, mobility, vehicle data faults in IoT systems. At this level of paper, we put forward and come about Promote Liability empathy and alter Approach based on Bayesian Network model which is used to traverse pertaining to points to vehicle data for real time fault recognition and modification. We also use calculation method to identify best fault identification based on threshold. Experimental results of proposed approach give efficient fault identification and modification with respect to traditionally accessible procedure.

 Keywords: Automatic vehicles, Internet of Things, Automotive communication system,liability identification and modification, Bayesian network communication model.

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