A Certain Investigations on Web Security Threats and Phishing Website Detection Techniques

  • N. Swapna Goud, Dr. Anjali Mathur


Phishing websites is most found security threat in the real world web based application. The phishing website threats leads to steal personal identity information from the users by pretending them like genuine websites. There is various research methods has been introduced earlier for the detection of phishing websites. In this analysis work, discussion of different phishing detection techniques that are introduced by various researchers has been discussion. This work provides the different working procedure adapted by earlier techniques to ensure the increased detection rate. This work concentrates mainly about the data classification algorithms that are utilized in the earlier research to predict the phishing attacks. This is done by studying and analysing the working performance of phishing detection in terms of various performance metrics namely accuracy and detection rate. This analysis work also provides the discussion of the phishing website attack detection methods and compared them based on their merits and demerits. Finally comparison of the earlier techniques is performed under different performance metrics. The overall numerical evaluation and the performance comparison prove that the proposed research technique can lead to optimal outcome in terms of accurate phishing website attack detection.

 Keywords: Phishing website attack detection, detection rate, user identity theft, data classification algorithm

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