Cause Related Marketing- A Conceptual Study

  • Gitanjali Singh


The purpose of this manuscript is to recognize conception of cause linked marketing and to know various antecedents affecting it. This paper collects literature from existing marketing journals. Research articles with keyword Cause Related Marketing were used. The nature of the study is both exploratory and descriptive. Socially conscious consumers fulfill their charitable desires in their own way. They get a feeling of additional value from purchase of cause sponsored products. For being viewed as socially responsible, organization get into an alliance with a non-profit organization for mutually beneficial relationship where the organization contributes a pre-decided portion of every purchase made by its socially conscious consumers during a particular period to the non-profit organizations. This marketing is a win-win proposition in favor of Company, Customer & Cause. Present Paper offers opportunities for researchers to explore company cause fit and skepticism as factors affecting cause-related marketing.                      

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