Teachers’ Commitment in Managing the Learning to Create Excellent Boarding School Students

  • Sitti Roskina Mas and Hasanuddin


The research objectives are to describe (1) teachers’ commitment of learning planning to achieve competitive students, (2) teachers’ commitment of learning implementation to achieve competitive students, and (3) teachers’ commitment learning assessment to achieve competitive students. The research used a qualitative approach with case study design. Data were collected by using interview, observation, and documentation. Data were analyzed qualitative descriptively by using collection, reduction, display, and conclusion. Data validation used credibility and confirmability.  The research findings indicated that (1)  planning of learning process according to syllabus development in 2013 curriculum based on vision and mission of MAN Cendekia Gorontalo, and then were developed in lesson plan in accordance with students’ condition, standard operational procedure of lesson plan based national education standard, (2) implementation of learning process is done according to lesson plan, material development referred to Cambridge International Standard in MAFIKIBI plus Economy and Geography, current information, and expanded additional tasks, used media, and learning strategies are according to teaching materials to be taught, and (3) assessed learning achievement according to minimal standard of achievement based on cognitive, affective, and psychomotor aspects.

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