Effect Of Bio Enzymatic Treatment On The Strength Characteristics Of Different Soil Samples

  • Nandini D N, Dr.Y Ramalinga Reddy


As there is a drastic increase in population it is the giving the way for demanding a better highway having good geometric features like design, condition and its maintenance. To provide the cost effective roads highway engineers are facing problem with construction materials as they are diminishing now a days. This lead to a path to think of new techniques and materials adopting for locally available materials. Many of the additives are used so far to improve properties of sub grade soil. Hence the search of alternative ways and techniques includes the stabilizer called Bio enzyme. In this study, cost effective Bio enzyme is used to examine the engineering characteristics of different soil samples collected at three different locations in Karnataka which includes physical properties, compaction characteristics, unconfined compressive strength for 3 different levels of dosages obtained for various dry densities and moisture contents of compaction test at different days of curing 0,7,15 and 30 periods. It shows significant increase in strength for treated 3 different soil samples depending on dosages and curing periods. It is found the strength as been doubled in case of stabilized soil with respect to untreated soil .Based on results obtained optimum level of dosage of bio enzyme and curing days for different soil samples  has be noted.

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