People Analytics Using Natural Language Processing

  • Himanshu Mayank, Aditya Narayan Ray, R. Anita


Natural Language Processing can help the Human Resources department in the recruitment process and focus on more promising candidates in today’s globally connected and competitive marketplace, which is propelled by the explosion of digital information. People Analytics applies various data analytics techniques to help organizations manage their people practically and efficiently. Natural Language Processing in the analysis of the workforce or people data takes text analysis to a much higher level of detail, correctness, granularity, and reliability. It evolves from generic text mining to semantic analysis potential semi-automation. The proposed system empowers the Human Resource Department by enabling them to make a far better data-driven decision. The various already existing systems need intensive training with a huge amount of data and do not evolve with time. The proposed system is evolutionary by nature and tries to bridge the domain knowledge gap that HR Personnel have in the field they are recruiting.

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