Patient Monitoring By Video Surveillance

  • S.Sai Yeswanth, Rushika. P, Pavan Krishna.B, Rakesh Reddy. R, Rekha .K B


Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks which are used for getting data from physical environment. But multimedia sensor node can capture high volume of data and can perform more complex tasks which are highly power consuming. In this system, the design of an energy efficient has high resolution camera sensor node, which is capable of capturing full HD video, used for video streaming surveillance application. In order to achieve long battery life, an energy efficient motion detection and power management mechanism, that uses a low power scalar sensor node to detect motion and wake-up a high resolution camera node when needed. In this system Raspberry pi , Pyro electric Infrared sensor and the high resolution camera wereusedforimplementingthefunctionalityofthelow-powersensornodeandtheHDcameranode.PIR sensor which is been used in this system is to detect motion and a buzzer signals the motion detection. When PIR sensor detects the motion then only the camera starts recording the event in high quality, otherwise it captures in less quality. This system is made to implement for the monitoring of a patient in thehospitals.

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S.Sai Yeswanth, Rushika. P, Pavan Krishna.B, Rakesh Reddy. R, Rekha .K B. (2020). Patient Monitoring By Video Surveillance. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(06), 4990 - 4994. Retrieved from