Mathematical Connection Ability: An Analysis Based on Test Forms

  • Agus Dudung and Maya Oktaviani


This study aims to determine the differences in mathematical connection abilities of students between those who given an essay and multiple-choice tests. Mathematical connection ability as one of the learning objectives achieves through activities that carried out by students and supported by the efforts of the teacher in making this happen. One of them is through giving practice questions or tests. This research conducted by the quasi-experimental method. The mathematical connection ability of students measured through test instruments (essays and multiple-choices) that have been designed and validated by experts. This validation process involved four experts and 20 panelists. The study conducted in two secondary schools in Jakarta against 121 students. The data obtained will be analyzed using an independent sample t-test. The results of the analysis show that there is an effect of the test form on students' mathematical connection ability of 24.5%. The precise connection ability of students who have given essay test treatment was higher than students who have given multiple-choice tests. If the teacher wants to improve the mathematical connection ability of the students, it can be through learning habits by providing practice questions in the form of essay tests.

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