Detection of Copy-Move Forgery

  • Mayank Srivastava, Aseem Vardhan, Arnav Gupta


Due to the presence of large number of image editing tools, manipulation of digital images has become very easy. It is very easy for someone to add or remove the important features from an image in order to make a forged image. The forged images can be used to spread fake news on any platform specially at the social media. The detection of image manipulation on digital images plays a vital role in today's world. This paper focusses on Copy-move forgery techniques. In Copy-move forgery, any part of the image is taken and pasted on the other part of the image to create the forged images. In this paper. we have proposed DCT based technique for the identification of Copy-move forgery for any image. Results show that proposed technique are able to clearly identify the forged area of any forged image.

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