Understanding the Qur’ānic Dhikrullāh towards the Human Brain Wave

  • Mif Rohim Noyo Sarkun


Dhikrullāh is known as one of the importance devoted ways in Islam to worship of Allāh. The Allāh's name is recited repeatedly either silently in mind or aloud. Its beneficial effects are apparent on physical and spiritual life of a Muslim. Knowing its advantages, dhikrullāh is becoming a great of interest to discover since there is no literature ever reporting its effects with the human brain. In the Qur’ān, Allāh’s name is mentioned as many as 2,696 times, confirming the wisdom in the Allāh's name. Dhikrullāh generated aloud can be a practical solution for managing disorders of the brain waves. In the brain there is a frequency following the responses, the brain tends to adjust its frequency to the stimulus frequency of the sound received. This article is presented to provide an insight of the dhikrullāh and its effects on human brain wave.

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